Austin Barnhill and his father Bob had to follow up the performance from Rob, Edward, and Jake from last week by catching some nice fish on the fly today.  They were biting live bait and the fly.  Both Austin and his father tried both, but settled in with the fly rods for most of the day.  With both of them being experienced casters, their formal training from fishing the big Western rivers seemed to carry over to the Roanoke well. They mastered the technique quickly and were able to take advantage of some small, concentrated groups of fish in one little section of the river.  The fish seemed to be more scattered today than they have been all season, but we found some that were biting fairly regularly and the fly action was fun!  I have next Friday open for one last Huhrah if someone wants to go.  Fish will still be around, and it’s not too late to experience the 2011 spawn in Weldon.  We should have the whole river virtually to ourselves because everyone has cleared out.  The fish will need something to eat.  Might as well be your bait!