Matt O’Neal and his father Grant whipped out their fly rods and put their skills to the test today.  The bite was a little off from the previous week, but they worked hard and managed to catch some nice fish on the fly.  This was their first fly fishing experience on the Roanoke for stripers and they rose to the challenge. I’m sure their arms will be sore for a day or so. Throwing heavy sinking line and weighted flies on 8 weights is a little different from throwing a 3 weight with floating line and a #16 dry fly for trout in the mountains.  Matt tried to pose for the camera while putting on sunscreen but then got shy at the last minute.  I can’t say the same for a local eagle.  We had a nice little bonus at the end of the day when a bald eagle came and landed on a nearby limb.  We crept a little closer and the bird ended up being less shy than Matt to the camera.