I have tried so many soft plastic baits over the years and there is no better bait than the Z-Man soft plastics.  I first found out their magical power from my friend Alan Shipman, who is a bass fisherman at heart but loves to catch just about any fish.  We were up on the Roanoke last year and he said, “You know, you guys really need to try some of those Z-Man bass baits. I think these stripers would love em.”  Well he sure was right because the next day when we went back, we burned them up on the 3″ MinnowZ.  I’ve purposely tested other competing brands while in a thick school of fish and I have to admit that nothing gets the bites like the Z-Man.  It seemed like it took extra work to give other baits the action the Z-Man naturally had.  I think the main advantage to them is their ability to still have superior action while on the fall when jigged.

Now, one year later I’m using them on puppy drum, flounder, and speckled trout.  I’ve caught some nice specs on them this past fall.  I am using some of the other styles such as the Scented JerkZ and the StreakZ as well as their other paddle tail styles including the Grass KickerZ and the PaddlerZ.  If you haven’t ever used them, I suggest giving them a try.  Greenville Marine Tackle Shop and Eastside Bait and Tackle in Washington sell them.  They also work great on Alabama Rigs!  Check out their website at http://zmanfishing.com/store/categories/elaztech.