Today was another unbelievable day.  We caught 60-70 fish…….most of them coming on topwater baits.  Our morning starting out a little interesting as it was blowing 20-25 out of the NE.  The stiff, cool breeze was refreshing  after all these hot sou’westers but made us a little uneasy about charging out of Shallowbag Bay at daybreak.  We went for it and caught about 12-15 undersized fish on popping corks and topwater baits first thing in the morning.  The wind laid out, so we went live bait fishing and weren’t able to get as many as we needed.  After a few unproductive diversions looking for a better bite, we went back to the spot where we caught them first thing in the morning.  We had a couple of handfuls of live bait (which is not enough) and threw out some live ones and a popping cork with a jig.  The fish starting hitting the cork, so we quickly switched to the topwater baits.  From then on, it was just about nonstop until about 1:30 when the weather pushed us in.  Yesterday I had a fish eat a bare hook, which was a first.  Today I had another “first”. I was trying to pick out a wind knot which was about a solid casting distance down in the spool.  I threw my topwater bait out to get to the wind knot to pick it apart.  I started picking and heard in the distance the unmistakable “pop” of a trout on hitting on top.  I heard it again and again until finally I pinpointed it about a casting length away from the boat.  A fish was knocking my topwater bait (as it floated on the surface with no movement) in the air about a foot.  I quickly flipped the bail over (wind knot and all) and tightened up on it to catch a nice 18 incher.  At that point we had a flurry of catching 18 inchers every cast with all three of us hooked up constantly.  Pretty cool………….and another first!  Fish do some crazy stuff when they are really hungry.

This is what we kept.  We could have kept a limit of bigguns but I didn’t cull today, as my livewell was already occupied.