Winter Sightfishing

We are very excited to offer a new type of winter trip. In the cooler months starting around early November, our estuarine waters become very clear and stay that way throughout the winter into the early spring. Big schools of wintering redfish can be spotted on shallow flats in the river and adjacent sound side bays. This scenario offers quality sight fishing for reds in the 15-30″ range on conventional spinning or fly gear. 

Sight fishing for winter reds has traditionally been a fishery down in the tidal salt marshes of southeastern NC and the SC and GA low country; not something we do up in the Pamlico Sound. Now we have it in our area as well, adding another quality angling experience in our already very diverse fishery. Come take a look for yourself and experience what it’s like to stalk, spot, and cast to these fish in very shallow water. We have special setup for targeting these fish. We utilize our 18′ flatbottom skiff to access areas inches deep. The skiff is outfitted with a 2 person sightfishing tower on the bow for an elevated perspective and a poling platform on the stern for ultimate stealth. We are offering these trips from now through the second week in April.