We had a great day yesterday with Jeff and his son Brady. Neither of them had ever been to the Roanoke before, but they had heard about the great striper fishing in the river and wanted to come see for themselves. They were not disappointed. We had a great day with them. The fish are really starting to gather up, as they usually do in January. The bite should remain steady at least through early March. After a long drought this fall with the river running at 2500 cfs (cubic feet per second) for weeks at a time, it’s now running at 25,000 cfs. I haven’t see that flow volume in at least 2 years. When the river is high, it acts as a vacuum for the fish. The fish in the Albemarle Sound sense that and know they will find prime feeding scenarios in that heavy current the Roanoke produces when it’s pumping.

Come experience arguably North Carolina’s best winter fishery for yourself. I have a few scattered openings over the coming weeks: Jan. 22, Feb. 1-2, 8, 14, 16-29, Mar. 4-6

Here are some pics from the trip with Jeff and Brady: