Adam and Tyler are still only 14, but don’t let their youthfulness fool you.  Their angling skills are superior to most.   These guys are serious about catching some fish.  Whether its bass in a pond, shad in the Tar River, croakers in the Chesapeake, or speckled trout in the Pamlico River, these guys are pumped to be fishing.  They enjoyed an excellent bite this morning.   The speckled trout fishing so far this spring on the Pamlico River has been on fire.  We are having lots of fun catching these tasty critters.  They are not only fun to catch but test an angler’s skill level to the max.  It’s just plain nice when the fishing is good enough to catch them using a variety of methods and do a little experimenting along the way.

Adam’s mom was kind enough to get him a fishing charter as a birthday present.  If you have teenage children who are avid anglers, you should think about giving a similar gift to them for a special occasion.  I have gift certificates available.  Instilling an appreciation of the outdoors in our youth is a wonderful thing in our modern world of urbanization, distracting technology, and rapid loss of our connection with our natural surroundings.