Captain Richard Andrews is the owner of Tar-Pam Guide Service and has been involved in North Carolina’s charter fishing industry since 2001. Born and raised on the Tar River in Tarboro, North Carolina, he began fishing the rivers, estuaries, and gulf stream waters of Eastern North Carolina at an early age.  The day after graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill, he moved  to Hatteras Village to fulfill a lifelong dream of working as a mate on an offshore charter boat.  Capt. Richard fished full-time for five seasons with some of the best captains in the business out of Hatteras and Oregon Inlet, commercial bluefin tuna fished in the winter, and traveled by boat to Mexico, the Bahamas, and South Florida to chase various billfish species,  A highlight of his fishing career was a 2nd Place finish in the Pirates Cove Billfish Tournament with a crew of anglers consisting of 4 boys between the ages of 7 and 13.  During these years, he was able to refine his fishing skills, develop an understanding of seasonal fish patterns within North Carolina, and cultivate the patience and experience necessary for a professional charter business.

Capt. Richard also has a masters degree in Natural Resources from N.C. State University where his graduate research focused on stream and wetland ecology.  Soon learning  that a “real job” just isn’t for him, he decided to pursue his passion of guiding inshore fishing enthusiasts to new experiences in the remote fishery of the Inner Banks region of North Carolina.   He is an Orvis Endorsed Fishing Guide and personally loves fly fishing more than any other style of fishing.  He is well versed in artificial and live bait fishing on spinning gear as well as fly fishing.   His goal is to create for you the absolute best fishing experience possible and provide a professional and consistently high level of service for his guests.  He now resides in Bath with his wife, Austin, and two sons, Tripp and Henry.


Capt. Hurley Raynor

Capt. Hurley was born and raised in Raleigh, NC but took his first steps at a family cottage at Hawkins Beach in Bath, NC. Outside of school and sports he was fortunate enough to spend most weekends and all summers on the pamlico river and starting at 10 years old he already had enough experience on boats that his only limitation was how much fuel was in the tank of the old Boston Whaler! Times have changed on kids having that kind of freedom but the lessons learned on the water at early ages proved to be priceless in the coming years. He cut his teeth learning to fish our home waters and was lucky enough to have a neighbor, Dr Lynn Wiggs who took Hurley under his wing like his own son and introduced him to everything from farm ponds to offshore fishing and everything in between, especially fly fishing. “Uncle Lynn” was a patient teacher and taught the devotion, respect, and hard work needed to be successful on the water.. Hurley attended Auburn University and finished at N.C. State University with a Business Degree.  He admittingly preferred the outdoors to the classroom and would stack his classes on certain days so he could have more days on the water or woods!  Hurley has a lifetime of knowledge in our fisheries, and his experience in other fisheries in his travels gives hims a broader perspective on light tackle and fly techniques and makes him a more well-rounded guide.  He likes all of our fishing, but gets especially excited about our giant Redfish in August and September. After spring striper season in over on the Roanoke, Capt. Hurley will be guiding backcountry flats charters in the lower keys/Key West area, targeting the annual tarpon migration before returning to the Inner Banks for giant Red Drum season.  Hurley resides in Bath with his chocolate lab, Sam. 

CApt. Mike Tayloe “TAYLOE”

Capt. Tayloe was born in Elkin, NC and has been called by his last name since birth.  If you call him Mike, he likely won’t respond. Tayloe has a wealth of experience in the outdoor arena.  He attended at least 6 colleges and amazingly never earned a degree.  He later attended St. Anthony’s EMS Institute’s Critical Care Paramedic Program in Colorado and spent nearly all of his adult life afterwards living out west, mostly in Montana and Colorado. While living out west, he worked as a Wilderness Paramedic, Ski Patrol, Mountain Rescue, Heli Rescue Tech, and started two of his own businesses, Finns West, which offers courses for fly fishing lodges and outfitters, and Katabatic Consulting, which offers medical support, consulting services, wilderness medicine education and field support for projects and individuals operating and traveling in remote locations.  He has traveled to many exotic destinations across the globe including Antarctica and Everest Base Camp.  His connection to the fly fishing industry led him to work as a guide for various outfitters in Colorado and as a Heli Fly Fishing Guide in Patagonia for Lakutaia Heli Fishing.  His fly fishing experience is extensive and ranges from nearly every major western river to the tropical flats of the Bahamas and Florida.  He has also fly fished in Africa, New Zealand, Belize, Honduras, Guyana, Costa Rica, and many other destinations.  Tayloe moved from living at 10,000’ in elevation on the shoulder of Pike’s Peak in Colorado to sea level here on the Inner Banks.  The untapped saltwater fly fishing opportunities and rural laid back quiet lifestyle drew him to the Pamlico.  He is our fly fishing specialist and not only enjoys putting our fly fishing guests on fish, but also teaching them how to become a more complete fly angler with improved casting and fishing ability.  He’s a great teacher and our guests enjoy hearing his stories and experiences as much as his instruction. He now resides on Bond Creek near Aurora, NC with his wife, Kristin, and trusty chocolate lab, Finn.

Capt. Scott Wood

Captain Scott was born in New Bern, NC and has over 44 years of fishing experience.  His knowledge and experience inshore fishing the Pamlico estuary is extensive.  Even though he doesn’t look it, he’s the eldest of our lineup.  Don’t let that fool you.  He’s one of the best speckled trout fisherman I know, and he’s no slouch on everything else.  Capt. Scott began his passion for fishing in the 1970’s in the Swansboro area.  His father taught him how to fish and how to think outside the box by experimenting with different techniques to respond to changing conditions.  He began fishing the Pamlico estuary in the 1980’s and has refined his techniques into an art.  His favorite type of fishing is targeting large speckled trout on topwater, especially at night.   He has caught lots of trophy trout and knows how to locate and catch the big ones.  If you’re looking for big speckles, he is definitely your man. Captain Scott resides in Cove City, NC and has a grown son, Jared.

Capt. Joe Hawley

Captain Joe began his fishing career in a farm pond at the age of 3, and since then has been honing his skills on every type of water from inland reservoirs to the Gulf Stream. The real obsession began when he realized there were great fishing and duck hunting opportunities in the same areas of the Pamlico Sound, so he moved to Beaufort County as soon as he graduated from college to be closer to the action. Joe has spent the last ten years focused on fishing the Pungo and Pamlico Rivers, and is always exploring different techniques and areas to stay on the bite. In the winter, Joe spends most of his mornings in a layout boat or scissor rig on the Pamlico Sound, but he can still be found fishing for speckled trout or stripers on a warm afternoon. Capt. Joe lives in Belhaven with his wife, Casey, and two sons, Isaac and Banks.